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In the age of the Internet, content marketing is the core of any good marketing strategy. Do you want to run an advertising campaign? Increase your SEO score and Google ranking? Do you use social media? So there is no way to solve it – you have to have good quality content.

There is nothing more engaging in marketing than a compelling, authentic, visual story. And every brand has stories to tell—stories that resonate on a human level and drive engagement.

More than just the words and design of your visuals, your brand content needs to embody the essence of your business and positioning in your industry. From the logo and colors to the voice and style of your messaging, your brand creative should be designed to connect with your customers on any channel or device.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a tailored approach to your brand content and a strategic mindset to help you connect with more people.

In the age of the Internet, content marketing is the core of any good marketing strategy.

What to Look for in a Video Production Company?

Look for a video production company with the right amount of experience, which doesn’t necessarily mean the number of years they’ve been in business. Young companies sometimes create higher quality work than long standing companies that may have lost their edge.

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to creating videos. You don’t want the company that creates the most videos every year but the one that consistently wins awards for creating spectacular videos that engage audiences.

Content production is the process of developing and creating visual or written assets, such as videos, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers, or infographics.

A blog post generally just requires a writer. But a branded video, depending on the scale, sometimes requires a much larger team, including a writer, producer, director, camera operator, gaffer, audio engineer, editor, and possibly many others throughout the process.

A white paper will rely heavily on a writer and also require some light design, whereas an infographic will fall more on the illustrator or designer, requiring only light writing.


What content production services do Honareweb team offer?

There are many types of online content – from optimized blog searches, company information and product descriptions on your website to engaging newsletters, social media posts, press releases and ads.

Our honareweb team create premium quality, precise and engaging content to help major tech brands and start-ups communicate more effectively.

Our services cover the full range of content marketing, from planning, through creation, all the way to promotion. We create and orchestrate campaigns for digital, social, brand, sales support and media relations. Our work drives demand, generates leads, reinforces brand and helps retains customers.

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We work with you to first understand both your brand and your business objectives, then create strategies based on the right content for your needs. We can design your content plan using data driven insights from social media and other platforms. Our services in this area cover:


Content strategy: mapping content, design and distribution to your specific requirements.


Content audits: we audit your existing content to perform a gap analysis.


Data driven insights: planning your content campaign based on what people are looking for or talking about on social media.


Messaging: building a message house to keep messaging consistent across all campaigns and content formats.


Content Writing Services: Professionally written, targeted SEO copy reinforces your brand presence – ideal for ranking higher in search engine results while motivating consumers to action.


Video Production: Powerful video solutions that fit the needs of your budget and scope of work, created with top tier video, audio and lighting technology, delivered by seasoned pros.


Elevate your campaigns with Honareweb quality: Covering everything from written articles, videography, broadcast content and  events, our multifaceted approach to content creation is rooted in award winning expertise and a commitment to the heritage of storytelling.


In Honareweb we combine inventive content creation with the science of data driven strategy to make your stories work seamlessly across our premium platforms and social media channels and engage the right audiences.

Our suite of content services includes

Digital Content Strategy

Content Production

Video Production

Graphic Design

Multi-language Content